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Richard Neergaard uses exotic automobile parts to create art. 
All works include parts from either exotic super cars or race cars which are one-off
pieces.  Richard develops his own, unique art-pieces, but can also be commissioned to make a work for someone who has a part off an exotic, race or classic car they want to

put on display in a creative manner.


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The Parts

Richard only uses real car parts off exotics but have done works with modern supercars,
classic cars and race cars.  Each part has its unique history, creating a background
for the art which extends its appeal from the visual arena into a provenance that is a


The Process

Most of the works are one-off originals that are developed by the artist, and is happy to take
on commission works as well.  If you have an interesting part off an exotic, classic or
race car which you would prefer to see on your wall instead of a box in the garage,
let Richard bring it to life for you.


The Artist

After studying at University of the Arts in London, Central Saint Martens as well as
The Art Academy in London, Richard now combines his artistic side with his passion
for sports cars to integrate the engineering excellence of exotic cars with the artistic
presentation that makes art which is more interesting than most.

Works Completed For:

Screenshot 2022-10-22 163549_edited.jpg
bmc-logo (1).png

Previous Exhibitions

Screenshot 2022-10-22 163549_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-20 184030.png
3 Hares poster '22.webp


Like most of us, I was always crazy about sports cars and restored and raced my first car aged 15. I grew up attending Formula 1 races back in the '60's when you could actually get into the pits and meet the teams. A little bit of amateur racing and a lot of track days followed, but I found my calling as an artist. 


Creativity has always been part of my job, having worked 10 years in marketing at Procter & Gamble, and 20 years in senior management with their competitor, Reckitt. Among the many innovations and marketing activities in which I was involved, probably the most recognisable one is that I developed the Finish Powerball tablet that goes in your dishwasher - you know, the little blue and white tab with the red ball in it. 


But now its art full time. 

Richard is Chairman of

The Guild of Motoring Artists

Retail Outlets:

@argenttimeless (Savile Row London)

@themancavebroadway (Cotswolds)

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London, United Kingdom.

+44 7773 800 100

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